Bangladesh MPS Expo

Bangladesh International exhibition on MPS Expo(Maritime, Port, Shipping) is the largest commercial marine trade show on the South East Asian countries, serving all aspects of the market, including commercial vessels, owners, commercial fisherman, navy, ship builders, ship building equipment, ship repairs, shipping, logistics, boat builders and sea food processors, this annual event covers it all. If you make you're living on the water or provide services to those who do, this is your show.

You will find it all here equipment, gear, services, suppliers, new products and ideas and with hundred of suppliers, you can negotiate face to face and side-by-side. And, while you are there catch up with friends and fellow mariners at the daily happy hour. MPS Expo of (Maritime, Port, Shipping Expo) is the only show dedicated to your region and your industry. It's your total ship building, Maritime Institutes and boat solutions.


Shipbuilding industry has developed silently in Bangladesh. This industry has now started to see the light of hope. The goods and passengers carrying goods in Bangladesh are going to Denmark, Germany, and Poland. Other countries of the world have become interested in buying ships built in Bangladesh. The British Navy has built warships from Bangladesh. The shipbuilding industry of Bangladesh has already moved far ahead. The shipbuilding industry in Bangladesh has been in existence since ancient times. Shipbuilding industry started in our country between the 15th and 17th centuries. In 1806, the Chittagong Shipyard builds 1,000 tones of commercial merchandise ships.

At present there are about 200 shipbuilding companies in our country. Ships manufactured at these establishments are being exported abroad. According to the available information, the establishment of Khulna Shipyard in Germany was established in 1958. In 1957, the company started building ships entirely. Shipbuilding companies were established in 1979 for construction of vessels for the international market in Fatulla, Dhaka.

They are building ships with sophisticated technology. While China is top of the shipbuilding industry in the world, Bangladesh is reaching China in the shipbuilding industry. The workers wages in the shipbuilding industry are much lower than China, Korea and Japan. But Bangladesh's workers are very much ahead of the skill. The shipbuilding cost of the country's largest shipbuilding in the international market is 15% less than that of China.

Currently shipbuilding companies of Bangladesh are internationally contracted to build ships from different countries of the world. So far 250 million dollars have been signed. There is a demand of $ 400 billion for international shipbuilding. In the way the country's shipbuilding industry is moving, the expectations that the shipbuilding industry will be placed after the garment industry in the list of export products of the country is not uncommon.