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If you manufacture or sell feed technology, machinery, equipment, service or product, you should take part in FEED TECH BANGLADESH Exhibition. FEED TECH BANGLADESH commits to create a successful platform where you have the opportunity to exhibit all of your technologies aimed to feed industry and meet thousands of professional visitors. Meeting with thousands of professional visitors & participating to the fair from South Asian different countries. Hence, FEED TECH BANGLADESH provides perfect interaction platform for poultry, dairy, Pets and Horses and aqua industry professionals to network, exchange ideas and do business. The event also offers information about the latest innovations in the feed industry via high profile conferences organized in association with various industry associations and related bodies.

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The Value of global feed industry business is around USD 400 billion a year with more than 31000 feed mill companies in the world. Current global capacity is around 980 million tons whereas in Asia there are around 13736 manufacturers with capacity of over 350 million tones. Bangladesh is 8th largest country in the world in terms of population is gradually increasing the dimension and horizon of the feed milling industry with the total investment for the poultry sector of the country is more than US$. 71.2 Million and more than 150,000 Poultry Farms have been established throughout the country. About 6,000,000 people are directly and indirectly involved in the poultry, Dairy & Aqua Sector.

The role of Poultry, Fisheries and Livestock sectors in the development of agro-based economy of Bangladesh is very important and promising. They contribute around 8% to national income, which is also 32% of the total agricultural income. About 80% of animal protein in our diet comes from fish and livestock.

There is a huge gap between production and supply of the feed items. Current annual turnover in feed industry is over US$ 145+ Million and increasing at a rate of 10% every year. As per the standard of World Health Organization (WHO), a matured person should intake 22 Kg of protein per year; whereas average intake of protein per person per year is 4.5 Kg in Bangladesh. A study shows that 6% GDP growth leads to 11% growth in poultry industry. Since there is a huge gap between standard intake and actual intake of protein, it is expected that the industry will grow very fast in future.

Feed market is nearly 50% of the total poultry industry size. Total demand is estimated to be 275,000 MT/ Monthly. Raw material is mainly import-based from China, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil & India, are the main source of raw material.

Demand for feed varies seasonally. Demand for fish feed and poultry feed decreases around 30% during the period from November to February. But demand for the feed increases during the period from July to September by 50%. The product of the Company is used by the poultry, Dairy farmers and commercial Fish firms throughout the country.