Bangladesh Food Ingredients Expo

Food Ingredients & Flavors Expo is Bangladesh Only Focused Trade Show for the Ingredients & Flavors Suppliers to trade with the manufactures of food, health & bakery industry. The Expo brings together hundred’s Ingredients & Flavors, Essential Oil Suppliers to display the latest offering & technology to the food manufactures for the new product development & Innovate the food manufacturing business. The Food Packaging segment provides platform for companies in the Packaging, machinery, labeling, processing, and printing of food and beverage industry to showcase their products.

Industry overview:

The Bangladeshis Food, Process food & drinking industry is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in Bangladesh and is expected to grow at an encouraging pace of 30%-35% over the next five years. The Agro Processing sector in Bangladesh is currently valued at USD 2.9 Billion. Between the fiscal years 2004-2005 and 2010-2011, it has grown annually at an average rate of 8.7%. With the rapidly growing current middle class population of over 30 million, the food processing sector in Bangladesh is expected to grow in the future. Despite the growth trends, the contribution of the food manufacturing or food processing industry in Bangladesh has remained mostly static at around 3% of the GDP since 2004- 2005. This indicates that the growth achieved in agro-food processing is only at par with the economic growth of Bangladesh and the sector has further potential.