Welcome toBangladesh Machine, Hand Tools & Fastener Expo

This show jointly organizes with Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association & LIMRA Trade Fairs & Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd. Bangladesh Machine, Hand Tools & Fastener Expo is the premier destination for innovation, education and B2B networking for the entire Machine, Hand Tools & Fastener Industry. More than 15,000+ decision-makers and innovators from different. Over the course of three days seminars and workshops combine to deliver the most valuable and comprehensive business-to-business networking event serving the different industry.

About Bangladesh Engineering Industries Owners’ Association (BEIOA):

The Bangladesh Engineering Industries Owners’ Association (BEIOA) represents several hundreds of enterprises, both medium and small in scale, of light-engineering type. These mostly manufacture equipment, spares, accessories and fixtures required by the automobile, jute & textiles, paper & pulp, chemicals and food processing industries, as also by the transportation sector. If there is anything that resembles in Bangladesh’s manufacturing sector to a capital-goods producing sector, it is this. Historically, national manufacturing capacities have been cradled, among other things, by the capital-goods producing sector. Bangladesh is not an exception. Our engineering entrepreneurs have commendably reverse-engineered many an imported prototype into serviceable product models for several industrial niches, such as rotary flour-milling plant, power looms, industry-grade lathe machines, variacs (used in the manufacture of transformers), and several other models. Of course, one of this industry’s flagship offering has always been water pumps, both of residential and fully-featured industrial grade, construction equipment and packaging machinery. More recently, some of the iconic entrepreneurs of this subsector have moved into plastic injection mould and dies, gas regulator, LP gas cylinder, high-speed precision winding machines (used in textiles industry). Typically, the enterprises tend to be competitively tied to narrowly defined industry spaces---such as the automobiles, jute/cotton textiles, agricultural equipment, and the like. The most successful entrepreneurs in this industry here are the Bangladeshi equivalent of the Western blue-collar workers with dark-colored overall and hard hats, very hands-on, are agile and nimble, spotting the emergence of new niches with lightning speed, and then quickly jockeying themselves into position. Highly specific experience accumulated over many years and with many clients forge itself into competitive abilities that are sometimes decisive within narrow cluster definitions. Because the products of this industry typically have high weight-to-value ratio, they tend to have low international tradability. To that extent, they receive a degree of natural protection from imports which is higher than average. This industry is one of the most promising industries of Bangladesh & that’s way we are doing this exhibition for our members need technology.