Solar Expo Bangladesh

Bangladesh, 8th largest country in the world in terms of population so, “Bangladesh Solar Expo” offer you the best opportunity to explore and expand your Business opportunities in this fast-growing marketplace. Bangladesh Solar Expo, International Solar Products & Technology Trade show will attract participation from different countries apart from local companies.


Government has set up the goal of providing electricity to all by 2020 and to ensure reliable and quality supply of electricity at a reasonable and affordable price. Sustainable social and economic development depends on adequate power generation capacity of a country. There is no other way for accelerating development except to increase the power generation by fuel diversification. Development of Renewable Energy is one of the important strategies adopted as part of Fuel Diversification Program. In line with the Renewable Energy policy 2009, the Government is committed to facilitate both public and private sector investment in Renewable Energy projects to substitute indigenous non- renewable energy supplies and scale up contributions of existing Renewable Energy based electricity productions. The Renewable Energy Policy envisions that 5% of total energy production will have to be achieved by 2015 and 10% by 2020. To achieve this target, GOB is looking for various options preferably Renewable Energy resources. Under the existing generation scenario of Bangladesh, Renewable Energy has a very small share to the total generation. The share of Renewable Energy exceeds more than 1% till now. The present Government is placing priority on developing Renewable Energy resources to improve energy security and to establish a sustainable energy regime alongside of conventional energy sources. Government has already launched "500 MW Solar Power Mission" to promote the use of Renewable Energy to meet the increasing demand of electricity.


Government of Bangladesh has taken a systematic approach towards renewable energy development. In line with the Government approach Bangladesh Power Development Board formed the Directorate of Renewable Energy and Research & Development in 2010. Since the very beginning of establishment the directorate is dedicated to keep a sign for the enhancement of Renewable Energy use in power sector. There is a good scope for solar, wind, biomass, micro/mini hydro power generation in Bangladesh. BPDB has taken systematic steps for developing Renewable Energy projects as well as implement and promote Energy Efficiency Measures for the last few years to achieve the target of the Renewable Energy Policy 2008. The directorate is established for feasibility study, planning, evaluation, examination, monitoring of such projects and to perform necessary research based works in relative fields. Present manpower of the directorate consists of the director, two deputy director, five assistant engineers and six staffs.

Solar Power Projects

Implemented Projects
Under the Hill Tracts Electrification Project BPDB has already implemented three solar projects in Juraichori Upazilla, Barkal Upazilla and Thanchi Upazilla of Rangamati District. Under 1st, 2nd and 3rd Phases, 1200 sets Solar Home Systems of 120 Wp each, 30 sets Solar PV Street Light Systems of 75 Wp each, 3 sets Solar PV Submersible Water Pumps of 1800 Wp each, 6 stes Solar PV Vaccine Refrigerators for the Health Care Centers of 360 Wp each and 2 sets 10 kWp capacity Centralized Solar System for market electrification has been installed. So, a total of 173.81 kWp Solar PV Systems have been installed in Juraichori, Barkal and Thanchi upazilla of Rangamati District under the Hill Tracts Electrification Project.

In the fiscal year 2008-09, BPDB implemented another two solar electrification projects in Angoorpota and Dohogram Chit Mohol. Under this program, BPDB implemented 2 sets Solar Home System of 50Wp each, 2 sets Solar Home System of 80Wp each and 8 sets Solar Home System of 100Wp each. A total of 1.06 kWp Solar PV Systems have been installed in Angoorpota and Dohogram Chitmohol.